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A grammar of Palaung Rumai

The aim for the dissertation of Rachel Weymuth is to write a comprehensive grammar of Palaung Rumai, an Austroasiatic language of the Western Palaungic branch. The only recent monograph length treatment of a language of this branch is Mak's (2012) grammar of Golden Palaung (Shwe), so that more grammatical descriptions are needed. My work shall be a contribution to the research on Austroasiatic languages and to comparative linguistics in general. For the analysis of the language, a text corpus will be compiled, containing several text types like narratives, conversations and journal articles. Twice a year, a four-week fieldwork trip to Myanmar is planned and the whole duration of the project will be five years.

Mak, Pandora, 2012 Golden Palaung. A grammatical description. Canberra: Asia-Pacific Linguistics. Open Access Monographs: