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Joint projects

Language use in Northern Myanmar

Cooperation project of the Department of Comparative Linguistics, University of Zurich (Switzerland) and Department of Anthropology, Mandalay University (Myanmar):
“Language use in Northern Myanmar – impact of bilingualism on language and identity”

The project follows two main aims. First, to promote the cooperation and collaboration between the University of Zurich and Mandalay University (Myanmar) after signing the MoU between the two institutions in November 2014 by exchanging and sharing expertise in the respective fields of the involved departments, namely the Department of Comparative Linguistics at the University of Zurich (UZH) and the Department of Anthropology at the Mandalay University (MU). Second, to integrate the research possibilities at the Mandalay University with a current SNF funded project at the University of Zurich by Mathias Jenny (“The Greater Burma Zone”, 100012_150136), and explore possible cooperation for an SNF funded Sinergia project to begin in February 2016 (“Linguistic Morphology in Time and Space”, CRSII1_160739), in which Mathias Jenny is involved as project leader of a sub-project on Sino-Tibetan languages. The planned cooperation in 2016 is directly relevant for the former project by collecting linguistic and ethnological data from two languages in Northern Myanmar that will feed into the project. The relevance for the latter project is more indirect, exploring possibilities for future joint research in the area with members of the academic staff of MU and possibly other institutions in Myanmar.