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Mandalay University

Mandalay University is a partner university of the University of Zurich since November 2014. The aim of this cooperation is the exchange in the field of research and teaching within the levels of BA, MA and PhD. In addition, cooperative research projects and publications should be possible in future.

Joint projects

  • The University of Zurich and Mandalay University signed in March 2017 a Student Exchange Agreement.
    Bericht UZH News
  • A KFPE Learning Event took place in October and November 2016 at Mawlamyine University (2 weeks) and Mandalay University (1 week). The attending students came from Mandalay University, Mawlamyine University, and the University of Zürich.
    Report (PDF, 568 KB)
  • Prof. Dr. Annuska Derks organized the Summer School Southeast Asia in Motion in Cambodia, which was attended by lecturers and students from Mandalay University as well.
    Report in UZH News (in German)
  • The project “Language use in Northern Myanmar – impact of bilingualism on language and identity” is an exploratory cooperation project of the Department of Comparative Linguistics, University of Zurich (Switzerland) and Department of Anthropology, Mandalay University (Myanmar).
  • Dr. Aye Thandar Htay, Assistant Lecturer at Mandalay University, was in July 2015 Visiting Researcher at the University of Zurich for the Conference Myanmarforschung 2015.
  • The research project Livelihood Strategies in Myanmar (Sept 2015 - June 2016) will be realisable because of the cooperation with the Mandalay University.
  • Further research possibilities in cooperation with the Mandalay University - researchers wanted!


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